The joy of working

Annual CGS negotiations

In January, we had our eighth Common Goal Setting (CGS) Day, where the entire personnel participated in setting our goals for the coming year.

Each CGS day has been a unique experience, because we always create the day’s programme and results together. We have covered a lot of different themes, such as understanding differences, listening and participation. Even some difficult topics have been handled successfully. The CGS Day has brought us closer and given us ideas on areas that could use some improvements.

Jari Vuori, who is responsible for mechanical maintenance, has worked at Fiblon for nearly 22 years. Jari sees the CGS Day as a good opportunity to pause and chat, especially with those colleagues who you don’t have time to talk with during work days.

– It’s nice to spend an entire day away from the factory with all of my colleagues, and also focus on topics outside business results. It’s also about spending time together and improving team spirit.

It does make your work feel more meaningful and encourage commitment when you get to participate in developing the company and its goals. It gives you a chance to influence your own work, he continues.

The CGS day has brought us closer together and given us ideas on how to improve.