Surprising and unique ideas for table-setting and cleaning

We are an easy-to-approach industrial company that offers customers personalised services and new ideas.

We offer our customers in the accommodation and restaurant industry responsible table-setting and wiping solutions that support their success. All our products are made in Finland and they have all been granted the Key Flag symbol.

Fiblon is a family business founded in Pori in 1979. It is currently run by the second generation. First, there was a man and his tools – now there is an automatised high-tech production line.

We want to run a business that we can be proud of, and that is why responsibility is so important to us. We always do our best to use natural resources sparingly and wisely. All our actions are guided by our values: profitable growth, satisfied customers, the joy of working and respect for the environment.

Carefully and wisely chosen products ensure the sensible use of Earth’s resources.