Stylish products that stand the test of time

Ideally, a napkin should be perfect for its intended use, look good and feel pleasant. Fiblon napkins have even more to offer. A napkin made in Finland from responsibly sourced materials can be proudly presented to even the most demanding customers.

We manufacture traditional disposable products, which are often chosen based on price. Overly cautious investment strategies rarely pay off. On the other hand, wisely chosen products can lead to cost savings and added value. through responsible choices, you can help protect nature’s diversity and avoid wasting the Earth’s resources.

As a partner, we can offer our expertise and help you make good choices. We offer surprising and unique ideas for table-setting and cleaning. Functional and technical properties by themselves are not sufficient. It’s always about creating impressions and an inviting atmosphere.

A carefully chosen napkin gives a positive impression. It supports the company’s brand and improves the customer experience. If necessary, our napkins can even be turned into attractive decorations. Wherever, whenever and however you use our products, you are supporting our values – Finnish work and respect for the environment.

We are committed to carrying our responsibilities in the future, as well. It is important to us to ensure that our employees have the chance to influence their work and develop themselves. We aim to improve our operations in accordance with the values shared by our entire workplace community and the goals we have set together. We care about people and the environment – and help others make smart choices.

Pekka Ekberg


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