Satisfied customers

We are an open book

We want to increase our customers’ awareness of how they can choose the right products. Responsible production and responsibly sourced materials are not enough – providing the customer with the right product for each purpose is the key. Responsible manufacturing is not worth much if the product itself is not suitable for its purpose.

We speak openly about our business and manufacturing and the features of our products. The reason behind our openness is that we want to encourage our customers to recognise and avoid the wasting of resources and materials. For example, our customer might want napkins with an unusual shape. We will then tell them the potential waste percentage and give advice on how the waste could be avoided.

The shape of a cover does matter

Our customer, a European railway company, used diagonally cut head rest covers in their trains. It looked very elegant, but the customer had no idea how much waste was created in the manufacturing process of their head rest covers. When the covers or napkins are cut to shape, some unusable waste is always created.

Our process includes explaining the entire manufacturing process to the customer, because very few customers know how the products are actually made. We want all our customers to know what kind of choices they are making – and what effects each choice will have.

We can, of course, also manufacture diagonally cut head rest covers, but we wanted the railway company to know how much waste was being created in the process. After receiving the new information, the customer wanted to make a more responsible choice and switched to rectangular head rest covers whose manufacturing doesn’t create extra waste.

When napkins or covers are cut to unusual shapes, extra waste is created. After learning this, our customer wanted to make a more responsible choice.