Satisfied customers

Customer orientation is at the core of our operations

OUR GOAL is to fulfil our customers' needs and wishes. That is why we aim to determine each customer’s specific needs together with them, instead of mass producing mediocre products. We can tailor the solutions using, for example, stylish prints and surprising designs, or by adjusting the size and packaging of the products so that they are perfect for the intended use. The intention is to make sure that the products feel just right for the end user, work perfectly and are not wasted – not even one napkin or wipe.

Focus on the customer

Professional quality products for professionals

When we are developing products, we always have a clear idea of how the solution will make the customer’s life easier. In professional use, products must be functional, safe and efficient – a perfect match for their intended use. We want to know what the waiter at a café thinks about his tools – is wiping tables easy, do the surfaces become nice and clean?

Sometimes our customers are not sure what they need or cannot express their needs clearly. That is why our most important tool is asking questions at several points so we get a clear idea of the customer’s needs.

We do not want to finish and perfect our products at our facility without actually knowing what the customer needs.