Respecting the enviroment

Our own production in Pori

We manufacture products that have a very short useful life. This means it is extremely important that we manufacture those products in a way that respects nature and uses resources sparingly. We only want to produce high-quality products that suit their purpose well, which allows us to optimise the use of raw materials and reduce the amount of waste created.

Environmental awareness has been a hot topic at our facilities in Pori ever since we started recycling 25 years ago. By now we are practically recycling specialists, only a small fraction of the waste we produce ends up at a landfill.

Over time, we have managed to save a lot of energy in our production processes. Nowadays, all our machines and devices go into a power saving mode when they are not being used. Lights are automatically turned off in spaces where there are no people. We do not even need a separate source of heat for our facility, because we use the waste heat from our production processes to heat the factory and our offices. We do need electricity, but don’t want to cause emissions. That is why we only use wind power.

Our main raw materials are tissue paper, dry-laid paper, various fibre cloths, corrugated board, plastic films and printing inks. We only use raw materials from reliable sources. Our Nordic pulp suppliers know exactly which forest their products come from and how those forests are managed. We only use water based printing inks, which we mix ourselves. The leftovers are stored and used in other projects, to the last drop.

Recycling is one of our areas of expertise – 99.9% of our waste is reused.

We only use raw materials from reliable sources.