Respecting the enviroment

A more sustainable world, one napkin at a time

Designing a responsible product is not the easiest job. To produce a responsible product, various options should be considered every step of the way.

It is not irrelevant what a product’s raw materials are like and where they come from, how the product is made, how big it is, what shape it is, how it is packed or used or where it ends up after use. The goal is to create responsibly produced, functional products that are well suited for their intended purpose.

Keep the first links short

The shorter a company’s supply chains are, both in terms of physical distances and the number of links in a chain, the easier it is to monitor what is happening in the chain. Therefore, the first phase of design work is to decide how the materials will be sourced.

It is important to us to know where the raw materials we use came from. We do not want to have our raw materials transported from the other side of the globe, either. That is why we favour Nordic wood. The majority of our suppliers (tissue paper, corrugated board, printing ink, packaging plastic) are located less than 300 km from our facilities in Pori, where we manufacture all our products.

One is just right, two is too many

To make sure that responsibly manufactured products are also used responsibly, we need to ask some questions. What kind of a product is needed? Where and how will it be used? The total consumption depends on how well the products work.

When the size, quality and functionality are all correct, consumption is optimised. Insufficient size or poor quality often mean that more than one napkin or wipe is needed. Products that are too large usually lead to materials being wasted. In both cases, more raw materials are used and more waste created as compared to an optimal product.

Tray covers on planes

The tray covers used on airplanes have several purposes. A good cover is visually attractive and in line with the airline’s visual image, exactly the right size and very absorbent so that any spilled coffee is immediately absorbed. They must also be friction-treated to ensure that both the tray cover and the items on top of it stay in place.

Responsibility must be present every step of the way

Quick and messy food

You decide to grab a quick and filling bite at a fast food restaurant. You have a favourite portion that tastes great but makes a big mess, so you will need a good napkin to clean your mouth and fingers. You grab a lot of napkins, because you already know one will not be enough. How many napkins did you grab?