Respecting the enviroment

Details are the key to improvement

Atmosphere and decoration influence the customer experience, which means that it is important for cafés and restaurants to choose their products carefully. Beautiful cups make coffee taste better and elegant napkins provide a finishing touch.

You are visiting a café that you have heard a lot of good things about, and you have high expectations. What a wonderfully decorated space! What a delicious smell of coffee! You are looking forward to a wonderful coffee break. You order your coffee and pastry. The coffee is brewed just for you – from freshly ground beans – and the pastry is still warm. To accompany the beautiful cup and delicious food, you grab a small and ugly napkin...

Stop! Was the enchantment just broken?

Luckily, there are other options. Let’s fix the enchantment with a beautiful napkin that bears the café’s logo and completes the experience. A wonderful napkin to match a wonderful moment, like in Cafe Solo in Pori.

Napkins are like background music

When a café-roastery in Pori, Cafe Solo, updated their coffee cups and other dishes, they felt it was also time to update the napkins. Their new coffeeware, which was made in Portugal, is now complemented by black napkins personalised with coffee beans and the company logo.

– Stylish napkins are the finishing touch. They may not be at the top of a café owner’s priority list, but they still make a big difference, café entrepreneur Teijo Villa notes.

Cafe Solo used to have separate coffee and food napkins, but the new napkins are suitable for both purposes.

– And since they are stronger and of a better quality, one per customer is enough. The number of wasted napkins has been reduced significantly, Villa notes.

When everything needs to be just right.

The customer only uses a napkin for a brief moment. Yet it’s a key element whose importance and functionality you will only discover in practice.