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For us, being responsible is all about providing our customers with products that meet their needs and that are manufactured in a responsible way, from responsibly sourced materials.

Responsibility consists of making decisions – do we act responsibly or not – and then putting those decisions into action. At Fiblon, we have made a lot of choices and worked hard to ensure that we act responsibly every day. We have chosen responsibly produced raw materials and environmentally friendly production methods so we can have a clear conscience. We take equally good care of our employees as our families, because we want everyone to feel good about coming to work in the morning.

This is Fiblon’s brand new corporate responsibility report.

Now we want to take a new step and help our customers make smart and responsible choices as well. This means our number one priority is to ensure that our customers have enough information to base their choices on. In the restaurant industry, it is quite common to see products being chosen based on price, which can result in the wrong products being used in the wrong way. When there is enough information available, a product can start to provide additional value instead of causing costs. Poorly chosen products usually also lead to resources being wasted. That is not what we want.

Through this report, we want to convey our message even more clearly than before and, most importantly, increase our stakeholder groups’ awareness of how they can make smart choices. Hopefully we have achieved that goal!

We hope you enjoy this report!


P.S. Please let us know what you thought about our report – we’d be happy to talk about the subject!

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